Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dumbstruck witnesses

For the children who the press reported could not speak in shock after witnessing recent murders in Wales.

Dead leaves line the floor of twilight,
shredded leaves that flew half-mast.
They were a premature parade,
a fete of innocence. That’s past –
forgot, outlived, undone,
dumb, frozen. They’ve been
violated at the scene. We wonder now
have they seen?

You saw the flashlights at the scene:
He said.
Obscene unseen things wander through the veins
behind their eyes –
they still watch, stand still there.

Remembered guns, resounding din.

They turn from shadows to face lights
whose cameras feed on pain for fame.
But they –
they are soaked, smothered by
blood spattered bold across the sun.
patterns and treads they are,
of what
went on. What
has he done.¬¬¬

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