Thursday, September 10, 2009

party people (version 1)

These are those that like
to party.
Hard, fast, then at last of all
after the low-down,.  these -
these are those that
like to party.
These are those that sit on
streets in dark corners lit
tenderly to hide the cracks in walls
and faces
lost and ruined, staring into the glass or morning -
these are those  who forget
themselves in 'it all',
small but egotisti-tall,
pumped up and poured
through the bottle-neck club doors,
grains of smartie-bright sand in the timer.
Sucking bottle-necks
their time is up
on the down of midnight,
the twelfth hour when faces
change and crumble and the spill
squirms out the other side of a night out
to crouch and wonder what
it was all worth.

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